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Distributed Energy Resources, Energy Efficiency, GHG Emissions  -  July 6, 2021

Fort Collins Utilities to Implement Distributed Energy Resources Tech

The City of Fort Collins, Colo., plans to reduce the energy use of its utilities through distributed energy resource technology deployed by Fort Collins Utilities. 

The project will be managed by Itron, which will deploy a grid-interactive water heater program that connects electric resistive and heat-pump water heaters to operate during times when excess renewable energy is available. Such technology to heat water prior to electric-use periods could rescue the energy use of residential customers enrolled in the program by 15 to 20% by shifting electric costs to non-peak times.

Utilities will be able to use this technology to expand its current demand response capabilities of shedding water heating load, storing energy and initiating events to consume excess electricity.

“At Fort Collins Utilities, we are committed to providing highly reliable and affordable electric and water services to our customers. This program is another way in which we are taking advantage of Itron’s DERM solutions to improve grid management and energy efficiency. The program has demonstrated the efficiency and flexibility of grid interactive water heaters, which will help Utilities better manage the grid and equip our customers to save money and reduce their carbon footprint,” Pablo Bauleo, senior energy services engineer, said in a statement. “The program targeted low-to-moderate income residents by partnering with Neighbor to Neighbor, a local nonprofit that focuses on affordable housing, making this effort not just about technology, but community and equity.”

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