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Energy Efficiency  -  July 30, 2021

Northwell Health To Save $560K After Steam System Upgrades

Northwell Health saw a 2,712 metric ton drop in CO2 emissions following steam system energy efficiency improvements at 17 of its hospitals in the NYC area.

American Plant Maintenance executed the improvements beginning in 2019 and Northwell Health expects to save $559,000 in natural gas costs. 

The project mainly focused on APM Steam technicians surveying steam traps at the hospitals to get insight into the steam system’s efficiency for distribution and condensate return. Traps that were blowing, leaking or plugged were then repaired, in addition to replacing missing insulation to reduce heat loss.

“The energy and cost savings were staggering,” Haneef Khan, a member of the Northwell Health Energy Steering Committee, said in a statement. “Combine that with incentive funding for energy reduction by National Grid and ConEd; we can achieve payback well under 12 months by proactively maintaining steam traps, system insulation, and heat exchangers across our hospital portfolio. We’re reducing our impact on the planet by reducing our CO2 emissions. The dollars we save in energy can be used to improve the quality of services that we offer the communities that we serve.”

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