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Energy Efficiency, Industrial  -  October 7, 2021

bp Launches $269 Million Efficiency Investment at Cherry Point Refinery

bp announced Oct. 4 that it will be investing $269 million into three energy efficiency projects at its Cherry Point Refinery in Washington state.

The first project, at $169 million, will improve the efficiency of the hydrocracker, where heavy oils are subjected to high temperatures and pressure. With these improvements, it will consume less hydrogen during the process and thus produce fewer CO2 emissions, as well as reduce maintenance the amount of planned maintenance required.

The second project will enhance cooling water infrastructure, which will improve reliability by enabling the refinery to maintain an optimum cooling water temperature year-round. At $55 million, this project will increase efficiency by producing fewer light hydrocarbons from process heaters and utility boilers.

The hydrocracker and water cooling projects combined are estimated to reduce emissions from the refinery’s operations by approximately 160,000 tons per year.

The final project will include $45 million invested into doubling the refinery’s renewable diesel production capacity. Using biomass-based feedstocks, the refinery could produce 2.6 million barrels a year after these upgrades, reducing its emissions by approximately 400,000-600,000 tons per year.

“Our team’s success since we first began producing renewable diesel made these projects possible,” Amber Russell, senior vice president, refining, terminals and pipelines, said in a statement. “We’re excited that Cherry Point continues taking steps toward a lower carbon future. This work shows the important role refining can play in helping both bp and the world reach net zero.”

These projects will assist bp in reaching its goal to be net zero across operations by 2050 and reduce the carbon intensity of its products by 50% by 2050.

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