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Energy Efficiency  -  October 29, 2021

Institute for Advanced Study to Save $10 Million with Energy Upgrades

The Institute for Advanced Study (IAS) plans to save $10.1 million in energy and infrastructure costs through a geothermal system and other efficiency upgrades being installed at its 800-acre Princeton, N.J., campus.

The postdoctoral research center is partnering with Redaptive on the installation through its Energy-as-a-Service offering. Redaptive is also installing LED lighting, a hot water recovery system, and variable-frequency drives. It is estimated that the improvements will reduce the campus’s annual use by 2,83 million kWh and avoid 3,200 metric tons of CO2 emissions.

“We're proud to help set the national pace for educational institutions seeking to eliminate their carbon footprint and create sustainable energy systems,” IAS COO Janine M. Purcaro said in a statement. “The Redaptive team has been an exceptional partner, maintaining flexibility and working to achieve our goals with the resources available to us. Redaptive's Energy-as-a-Service program makes it possible for us to have a large-scale positive impact on the environment within our chosen financial resources.”

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