Army Sets Net Zero Goal of 2050 - Smart Energy Decisions

Energy Efficiency, GHG Emissions  -  February 10, 2022

Army Sets Net Zero Goal of 2050

The U.S. Army announced plans to lower its GHG emissions by 50% by 2030 and reach net zero emissions by 2050 as part of its first Climate Strategy Plan. 

The Army’s plan to reach those goals include increasing fuel efficiency, using more Army vehicles that are electric and will modernize its current operational power generation, battery storage, land management, procurement, and supply chain resilience, according to the report

The report also discusses improving risks, including resilient energy and water supply and carbon-pollution-free electricity, efficient structures.

The Army currently has 950 renewable energy projects that provide 480 MW of power with plans to complete 25 microgrid energy projects through 2024 so there is one located on every  Army installation by 2035.

Another goal is to switch to using 100% pollution-free electricity on Army installations by 2030. 

“The time to address climate change is now. The effects of climate change have taken a toll on supply chains, damaged our infrastructure, and increased risks to Army Soldiers and families due to natural disasters and extreme weather,” said Secretary of the Army, Christine Wormuth in a statement. “The Army must adapt across our entire enterprise and purposefully pursue greenhouse gas mitigation strategies to reduce climate risks. If we do not take action now, across our installations, acquisition and logistics, and training, our options to mitigate these risks will become more constrained with each passing year."

These Army-wide efforts include enhancing resilience and sustainability on its installations, reducing sustainment demand and preparing a climate-ready force with the appropriate knowledge, skills, concepts, and plans necessary to operate in a climate-altered world.

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