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Distributed Energy Resources, Utilities, Solar  -  June 22, 2022

Pueblo, Colorado to Add Community Solar

The greater Pueblo, Colorado region will receive a community solar garden that will power over 600 homes annually. The 2MW and 500 KW solar gardens will serve businesses, residents, municipalities, and low- to moderate-income service organizations in the greater Colorado area. 

US Solar announced the groundbreaking of the project, named USS Giveback, in partnership with Black Hills Energy.

“We call these projects USS Giveback because that is our goal. We are committed to giving back to the communities that host our Solar Gardens by providing widespread benefits, like these donations, savings on energy bills, and bringing more clean energy online to the local grid,” said Reed Richerson, COO of US Solar, in a statement

US Solar is developing 14 Community Solar Gardens in Colorado and currently subscribing its community solar gardens for Colorado Xcel Energy and Black Hills Energy customers.


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