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Industrial, Sourcing Renewables  -  June 29, 2022

Shell Plans Green Hydrogen Generator in India

Shell will soon be deploying green hydrogen at its research and development technology center in Bangalore, India through a new project seeking to expand industrial decarbonization.

Under a new agreement, the energy company will be receiving a megawatt-scale solid oxide electrolyzer (SOEC) demonstrator from Ceres Power in 2023. Ceres committed £100 million ($1.2 million USD) for the development of this technology in the pursuit of bringing low-cost green hydrogen to the market at a rate of $1.5/kg by 2025. 

Ceres estimates that this technology has the potential to produce hydrogen nearly 20% more efficiently than others, in the range of mid-80s to 90% efficiency when using waste heat in industrial processes. By partnering with Shell on this project, Ceres hopes to bring the technology one step closer to widespread commercialization.

“Shell's Powering Progress strategy sets a clear ambition for Shell to be a leader in the energy transition and accelerate our journey to become a net-zero emissions energy business by 2050. Hydrogen features heavily in that strategy,” Yuri Sebregts, EVP of Technology at Shell, said in a statement. “Ceres, with their differentiating SOEC technology, have the potential to produce Hydrogen at an optimum cost and efficiency profile. The pilot and collaboration with Ceres are a step forward in maturing this promising technology towards industrial scale.”

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