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Industrial, Solar, Sourcing Renewables  -  February 9, 2023

Toyota West Virginia Installs Solar Arrays

Toyota West Virginia recently installed five SmartFlower solar arrays to help power the facility’s employee services buildings, which are home to popular destinations like the uniform store, footwear store, credit union, clinic, and pharmacy. 

The flower solar array also helps power three EV charging stations.

“This is just one more way Toyota West Virginia is embracing alternative energy and reducing our ecological footprint here in the Mountain State,” said David Rosier, Toyota West Virginia president, in a statement. “Our environmental team is always working to make our plant more efficient and guiding our efforts to create a more sustainable future.”

Much like a sunflower, SmartFlowers bloom at sunrise and follow the sun’s path throughout the day, allowing them to capture the sun’s rays effectively. Because they maintain a 90-degree angle to the sun, the power they produce is optimized over that of traditional solar panels. At sunset, the flowers fold back up and await sunrise the following morning. The petals are self-cleaning, lined with tiny brushes that remove dirt and debris when they open and close.

Toyota West Virginia has the largest solar array in the state. This array can generate 2.6 megawatts of power. The generation also reduces the Buffalo plant’s C02 emissions by an estimated 4 million pounds per year.


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