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GHG Emissions, Commercial, Regulation, Sourcing Renewables  -  August 12, 2023

Weekend Reads: Fusion and Geothermal Breakthroughs; Redefining Energy Communities

It’s the weekend! Kick back and catch up with these must-read articles from around the web:

Redefining America’s “energy communities” can boost clean energy investment where it’s needed most (CleanTechnica)  Though the beneficiaries of the Inflation Reduction Act are many, it includes specific provisions to encourage investment in “energy communities” with ties to the coal, oil and gas industries. While the federal government had earlier identified priority energy communities by dependence on coal employment, the Inflation Reduction Act presents a broader definition.

Why costs of direct air capture need to drop for large-scale adoption (World Economic Forum)  By 2050, up to 10 billion tons of carbon dioxide needs to be removed from the atmosphere each year to achieve net zero. Direct air capture can provide the highest-quality carbon dioxide removals in terms of scalability, permanence and verifiability. However, for direct air capture to be widely adopted, the cost must fall from $600-$1,000 per ton to below $200 per ton.

Full clean ahead: can shipping finally steer away from fossil fuels? (The Guardian)  The passenger ferry MV Sea Change is due this month to make its maiden voyage across San Francisco Bay. But it won’t be the usual hour-long chug for the 75 passengers travelling north to Vallejo, California. Guests might notice how quiet the engine is — and they could even drink the emissions it releases. That’s because MV Sea Change is the first commercial ferry to be powered not by the usual diesel engine but entirely from hydrogen. Its only emission is pure water.

US scientists trying to harness the power of the sun have made a 2nd major breakthrough (Insider)  In a second successful experiment, U.S. scientists say they produced a nuclear fusion reaction that yields more energy than they put into it. After decades of trying, this is only the second time in history scientists have achieved such a feat, and it could usher in a future age of cleaner, sustainable energy, unlike anything we've ever seen.

How a former oil guy is using fracking tech to boost geothermal energy (TIME)  Last month, Houston-based startup Fervo announced the successful test of a first-of-its kind commercial-scale power plant, which uses the shale oil drilling innovations to produce zero-emission geothermal energy. 

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