Smart Energy Voices - Episode 16

Smart Energy Voices- Episode 16

MP2 Energy's Jeff Colvin on Shell Energy's Expansion in North America

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On this episode of Smart Energy Voices, Jeff Colvin, Executive VP of Sales at MP2 Energy, joins John Failla of Smart Energy Decisions to discuss his career as a leader in the energy industry and his role at MP2 and its relationship with Shell Energy North America. With the growing interest that international oil companies have in the energy transition and the role that MP2 Energy is specifically playing for Shell Energy North America, this conversation provides tremendous insights.

You will want to hear this episode if you are interested in...

  • Jeff and his role with MP2 Energy [1:38]
  • Shell’s interest in renewables [3:12]
  • Advantages of being an early mover in developing an integrated power business [5:24]
  • The role MP2 Energy is playing in Shell’s North American strategy [8:07]
  • Important considerations for shifting to renewables and sustainability goals [11:19]
  • How MP2 is positioned to meet expanding customer needs [13:09]
  • Some specific customer deployments MP2 has had success with [15:17]
  • How large company announcements are bringing small renewable initiatives [18:31]
  • How Shell’s reach has allowed MP2 to adapt and move with the company [20:23]
  • Where the industry is heading in terms of evolving customer requirements [22:30]
  • What led Jeff to start a career in the energy industry [25:10]
  • The pivotal point that propelled Jeff into seeking leadership positions [27:27]
  • How Jeff’s career has evolved and his proudest accomplishments [29:28]
  • Jeff’s biggest challenges [33:48]
  • Integration and acquisition challenges and solutions [36:29]
  • Jeff’s legacy in the energy industry [39:25]

The focus is electricity

Shell sees electricity as the fastest-growing part of the energy industry and a huge opportunity as companies focus more on renewables to mitigate their greenhouse gas emissions. Shell Energy North America (SENA) is a leader of power traders and wholesale suppliers in North America and abroad. MP2 Energy, which was acquired by Shell in September of 2017, works with companies like Wells Fargo to meet renewable energy goals.

How larger company initiatives are impacting Scope 3 emissions

As large corporations like Facebook, Google, and Amazon set science-based targets, companies like Shell are beginning to communicate with companies that provide their supply chain and scope 3 emissions. Companies that supply these large corporations are influenced by these conglomerates to live up to their sustainability initiatives and goals alike. It is encouraging to see smaller companies in the supply chain see value in the message that larger corporations are sending worldwide when it comes to sustainability.

Leaving a Jeff would like to be remembered

In Jeff’s words, “I'd like to know that our customers are in a better place with their budget and with their sustainability targets and that they're smarter about how they use their power than they were before they came to us or before we met them. I'd like to know that our brokers and consultants trust us to do what's right for them and for our mutual customers, day in and day out. I’d like to know that MP2 and Shell are better, maybe just a bit, but better because I and my team were here, and that the team we built made a difference. I know, those are lofty goals considering the size of Royal Dutch Shell, but it remains. If I walk away in 20 years and the customers and the brokers and the organization as a whole are better because of what our teams delivered, then I'm a happy and a proud man and I walk away knowing that I did good.”

Resources & People Mentioned

Connect with Jeff Colvin

Jeff Colvin, Executive Vice President Sales, MP2 Energy

At MP2 Energy, Jeff Colvin, EVP, Sales, has built up both the Pricing and Sales teams, improved training and coaching efforts, deployed a CRM solution, built and released a scalable Renewable Energy platform, and has been critical in leading a Sales Team that increased sales year over year every year that he has been in the organization. Most recently Jeff onboarded a new channel, a Large C&I National Direct Sales Team, something very different for MP2 historically, a business built on the backs of its Retail Brokers and Consultants. Jeff joined MP2 Energy in 2016; in April 2020, he was promoted to EVP, Sales to help guide, direct, and lead the commercial C&I business and the overarching strategy of MP2 within Shell.

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