Smart Energy Voices- Episode 33

Smart Energy Voices- Episode 33

Managing Data on the Road to Net Zero, with Adam Kramer

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In this episode of Smart Energy Decisions, host John Failla speaks with Adam Kramer, former Vice President of Strategy at Switch and current CEO of sustainability and energy start-up Ledger8760. They discuss Adam’s role in helping Switch achieve 100% renewable energy and his new position at Ledger8760. Listen as they address the need for accurate data in order to successfully set and achieve sustainability goals. 


You will want to hear this episode if you are interested in...

  • Adam Kramer’s move to a start-up [01:36]
  • Adam’s accomplishments at Switch [03:35]
  • The fascinating Nevada market [07:52]
  • The shift to broader emission reduction goals [14:27]
  • Adam’s new role at Ledger8760 [17:37]
  • Defining company goals [22:49]
  • Ledger8760’s biggest challenges [27:42]
  • From news reporter to CEO [30:36]

Switch for 100% renewable energy

In 2016, Switch committed to 100% renewable energy. It started in 2011 with the vision of Switch Founder and CEO Rob Roy when they began the process to pursue direct access. The back and forth they experienced with the utility companies led to Switch’s ability to procure renewable energy directly and influencing NV Energy to create a green energy tariff. Through that, they were able to move their mission forward in Gigawatt 1, which brought solar and storage to Switch and the surrounding communities. Switch created the first green energy tariff in Michigan and continues to seek its goal of 100% renewables.

The process towards sustainability in Nevada took four years. It was a push for a constitutional amendment to create energy choice, which would lead to the opportunity for consumers to have direct access to clean energy. Despite the challenges, including utilities marketing against the change, an understanding was developed that utilities have to do better for their customers. In the end, the goal of providing more options for consumers was accomplished.

Sharing sustainability experience

Adam left one of the best jobs in the industry in his role at Switch, where he had a massive impact on the company, community, state, and renewable energy overall. He was able to be at the forefront of the transition in the C&I space to a focus that was more on sustainability. What Adam loved doing at Switch was helping to build the momentum for that movement. Now he has accepted a position with a start-up, Ledger8760. Because he was so fortunate to be involved with incredible sustainability projects, he felt the need to move to share his experience with other companies. Going into a start-up space provides Adam with the opportunity to help many companies do what they could do at Switch. It’s a continuation of Adam’s mission for sustainability.

As the cost of renewables and storage comes down, more and more C&I customers are finding opportunities to transition to using more renewable energy. Both the economics and sustainability goals are aligned. However, simply using renewable energy is no longer enough. Now the focus is on what that renewable energy means regarding the impact of a C&I, or any end-user, on the world.

Accurate data for achieving goals

Ledger8760 aims to measure energy and emission Scope 1, 2, and 3 in real-time on an hour-by-hour basis so that companies can precisely understand and target their emissions. Many companies have no idea how they will accomplish their sustainability goals or what those goals specifically mean. Ledger8760 is there to create the starting line for companies who understand that improvement needs to happen.

The most prominent issue organizations have getting started with emissions reduction is not having accurate information. A lot of the data they’re receiving are estimates from public sources. Until an organization knows exactly where its emissions are happening, it can’t accurately work towards the goal. Ledger8760 creates a supply chain of emissions that is equivalent to the supply chain of the actual product. The more organizations that get on board with this process, the more accurate the data on emissions can be for the end-user. With such detailed information, organizations can confidently move forward in their sustainability efforts.

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Connect with Adam Kramer

Adam Kramer is the CEO of sustainability and energy start-up Ledger8760. A globally recognized sustainability leader, Adam is the former EVP of Strategy at Switch (NYSE: SWCH), where he led the sustainability group overseeing the company’s transition in 2016 to 100% renewable energy use by developing the largest behind-the-meter solar + storage project in the world.

Prior to joining Switch, Adam was the Director of Entrepreneurship for the Las Vegas Metro Chamber of Commerce and. Before that, he was an award-winning journalist in California and Florida. In 2017, Adam received the Grand Rapids Press Newsmaker of The Year award and, in 2013, was recognized by Vegas, Inc., as one of the top 40 professionals in Vegas under 40. Adam has a B.A. from Menlo College and an M.S. from the University of Cincinnati.

Adam has served on the boards of the Renown Health Foundation, Governor’s Office of Economic Development, University of Nevada Reno Foundation Board of Trustees, and EDAWN (Economic Development Authority of Western Nevada) in Nevada.

Adam enjoys golfing, hiking, and traveling with his wife and three young children. A self-proclaimed “amateur chef,” Adam constantly refines his cooking skills for family and friends.

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