Smart Energy Voices- Episode 47

Smart Energy Voices- Episode 47

Creating Your Roadmap to Net Zero

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In this episode of Smart Energy Voices, host John Failla sits down with Tripp Borstel, Head of Transformation at ENGIE Impact. They discuss key levers to work and issues relating to the use of carbon offsets. There’s a lot to cover when it comes to achieving zero emissions - and the scale of the challenge requires creating alignment across a variety of parties within an organization. Listen in to this conversation from Smart Energy Decisions’ recent Renewable Energy Forum.

You will want to hear this episode if you are interested in...

  • Tripp’s background and current role at ENGIE [01:46]
  • What is needed for the energy transition? [03:29]
  • ENGIE Impact’s definition of net-zero [06:22]
  • The importance of science-based targets [10:54]
  • Choosing the best pathway [14:50]
  • Green thermal and mobility [19:35]
  • What role should offsets play? [24:21]
  • ENGIE’s emission reduction commitments [29:30]

Energy efficiency

Electrification is often thought of as a way to make the transition from short-term to long-term energy solutions. For a large-scale plant, electrification would be no small feat, so one area that’s getting a lot of interest is heat pumps to replace or augment large boiler systems or other thermal energy sources. What’s interesting is that space is going back to energy efficiency, specifically thermal energy efficiency.

On the longer-term horizon is hydrogen. One important note is the distinction between green hydrogen and other sources of hydrogen. Generating hydrogen using renewable resources is important from a carbon perspective. For instance, in Chile, which arguably has more solar capacity than just around anywhere on the planet, they’re thinking about how to ship that renewable energy since they can’t use it all domestically. A solution is that hydrogen can be put into different forms, sent to a port, shipped to another area, and then used as an energy source.

Navigating energy transformation

Decarbonization is a massive transformation, yet it’s often significantly less funded than other major transformations. A lot of the work is in carefully considering what investment is needed to achieve the established goals. There are two components of transformation. One is technical transformation, which includes mobility solutions, energy efficiency solutions, and renewable energy needed. The second component is the human and organizational systems that need transforming inside of an organization. That requires designing programs that engage the entire organization and create alignment and ownership across the different parties.

Everyone’s role in the energy transition

The scale of energy transition requires senior leaders to provide inspiration and marshal the organization’s resources. Data is crucial for measuring and managing greenhouse gas emissions. It’s what determines the progress and confirms ROI. CFOs play a critical role in planning how to finance those decarbonization solutions and procurement organizations in Scope 3 emissions. They determine how to engage the suppliers and help those suppliers reduce Scope 1 and 2 emissions. Marketing has an important role, particularly internally. They establish a narrative that will engage employees in a way that’s authentic to the organization.

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Connect with Tripp Borstel

Tripp is a Director with ENGIE Impact’s Sustainability Solutions. He has 15 years of experience as a strategy consultant to senior executives in developing climate and energy strategies. His focus is on managing the cultural dynamics of strategy and building high levels of stakeholder alignment throughout the strategy development process. Tripp has worked with corporations, non-profits, and cities. Currently, his work focuses on helping organizations develop net zero targets and strategies. He lives in Oakland, California, and has an MBA from UC Berkeley.


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