Smart Energy Voices- Episode 84

Smart Energy Voices- Episode 84

Building Corporate Energy Awareness Through Mentorship, with Kulsoom Khan

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In this episode of Smart Energy Voices, host Debra Chanil is joined by Kulsoom Khan, Energy Efficiency Manager at Congebec. Kulsoom won a 2023 WISE (Women in Smart Energy) Award for the Energy Ambassador Program she created at her company. Kulsoom shares her experience cultivating energy culture buy-in.


You will want to hear this episode if you are interested in...

  • Kulsoom’s role at Congebec [02:02]
  • Congebec’s Energy Ambassador Program [07:02]
  • Employee and management buy-in [09:41]
  • Accomplishments of the program [16:55]
  • Internal employee campaigns [20:17]
  • First steps to start an energy program [24:23]


Forging a Path

Kulsoom forged her own path leading to her role today. She began her career in construction and engineering after graduating from the University of Toronto. Later, she switched to facilities maintenance and started her journey with energy management. When her company discontinued the role of Energy Manager Kulsoom, took on the additional responsibility. After a few months, management decided to formally establish her role.

This opportunity motivated Kulsoom to build her skills in energy management through certifications, training, education and experience. By the time she joined Congebec, she was well-equipped to take on the position of Energy Efficiency Manager.

Congebec’s Energy Ambassador Program

As a logistics supply chain company, Congebec is part of the Global Cold Chain Alliance (GCCA). The GCCA has an Energy Excellence Recognition Program (EERP) that helps facilities measure and improve energy efficiency. When Kulsoom joined Congebec, the CEO’s goal was to have all of Congebec’s sites participating in the EERP.

Enrolling in the program required extensive data collection for each site. That’s where the idea of the Energy Ambassador Program came to life. Once an Energy Ambassador was assigned for each site, that representative would help gather all the information needed for the EERP.

Achieving Energy Goals Through Mentorship

Congebec has taken steps to promote an energy-efficient culture within the company through its Energy Ambassador Program mentorship. The program aims to educate employees on energy efficiency and reduce energy usage on sites. As a result, the Energy Ambassador Program has become a popular feature of Congebec’s onboarding package, with new employees showing interest in the program.

Many companies around the globe have set ambitious energy targets, but the question remains — how will they accomplish them? Congebec believes that change occurs through people. It is the employees who implement policies and procedures. For companies to achieve energy targets, employees must be invested in the energy culture. Congebec’s Energy Ambassador Program provides mentorship opportunities to encourage employee engagement and participation.

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