Smart Energy Voices- Episode 88

Smart Energy Voices- Episode 88

The value of a holistic approach to decarbonizing your building infrastructure

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In this episode of Smart Energy Voices, produced in partnership with Trane, host Debra Chanil welcomes Becky Wacker. Becky is the Director of Energy Services Sales for Trane Commercial Americas. They discuss the challenges and opportunities that commercial building operators face today in light of decarbonization. 

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You will want to hear this episode if you are interested in...

  • Shifting focus to decarbonization [03:01]
  • How to approach energy targets [05:08]
  • Organizational alignment [10:56]
  • Regulations and local laws [14:05]
  • Funding and financing [16:16]


What is a holistic approach?

Making great business decisions requires more than data and information. A holistic approach helps turn data into insights, and involves bringing in expertise and execution to consider the broader plan. In a closer look, it involves balancing efficiency improvements, emissions reduction, and onsite power generation to meet decarbonization goals while considering resiliency of operations and financial targets.

Decarbonizing a facility and making it more climate-friendly involves many components. People tend to focus on renewables when it comes to reducing emissions, because they are more noticeable. However, prioritizing energy efficiency can reduce emissions by 30-40%. Trane guides its customers in adopting a mindset of using less energy. By becoming aware of their energy consumption, companies can make informed decisions about which types of renewables to utilize.

The importance of data

Trane's intelligence services platform is designed to transform data into insights that can be used to make informed decisions. The platform utilizes various energy mapping tools to facilitate swift and accurate decision-making. With reliable data and metrics, it's possible to streamline the decision-making process and achieve targets within the desired timeframe.

In addition to data and insights, Trane recognizes the importance of subject matter expertise in driving successful execution. That's why the company has assembled a team of experts from across the globe who work collaboratively to create a roadmap that aligns with energy goals. The experts help craft the roadmap that ties back to energy goals, and does so in a timely manner.

Organizational alignment

The greatest challenge energy customers face today is organizational alignment. Trane helps reduce the organizational drag by providing the single-source partner benefit. The more pieces and partners involved, the more complicated the process becomes.

When people think about decarbonization, they often picture high-level leadership creating goals. However, these goals must be communicated throughout the organization, and different individuals may interpret them differently. Therefore, it is essential to align everyone within the company so that goals can be worked toward efficiently.

Connect with Becky Wacker

Becky Wacker is the Director of Sales for Energy Services at Trane by Trane Technologies, leading acquisition and implementation of complex facility programs and projects. She has 15 years of experience helping customers leverage their buildings to better meet their organizational goals, with a particular passion for decarbonization and efficiency. 

Becky received her Bachelor of Science degree in Aerospace Engineering from the University of Minnesota while winning two Division I National Championships with the Women’s Ice Hockey team. She sits on the board for Clean Energy Economy Minnesota (CEEM) and National Association of Energy Service Companies (NAESCO), and can often be found in a sports venue playing, watching, or coaching in her spare time. 

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