Smart Energy Voices- Episode 96

Smart Energy Voices- Episode 96

Heard at Net Zero Forum: Insights from the Healthcare Sector

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At its recent Net Zero Forum, Smart Energy Decisions conducted live interviews with energy customers at various stages of their decarbonization strategies. This episode of the Heard at NZF mini-series focuses on energy customers in healthcare. The interviews feature Scott Czubkowski, the National Director of Energy and Facility Performance at Medxcel Facilities, and Cory Pouliot, the Senior Director of Facilities Operations at Boston Medical Center.


You will want to hear this episode if you are interested in...

  • National solutions for sustainable healthcare [02:05]
  • Making data-based decisions [07:41]
  • Sustainability and DEI in healthcare facility construction [11:25]
  • Bringing the community on board [13:43]

Medxcel’s net zero commitment

Medxcel, a provider of healthcare facilities services, takes an environmental approach to net zero goals that emphasizes training and integrating junior engineers into the facility performance side of its business. They learn about facilities, work with metrics, ENERGY STAR, and building automation systems. This training program enables junior engineers to understand the intricacies of facilities, technology, and system dynamics, contributing to their long-term career development.

In 2020, Medxcel set a goal to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 50% by 2030 and achieve a net-zero target by 2040. Through focused data organization and analytics, Medxcel achieved a 5% reduction by 2023.

A significant obstacle in the journey to sustainable healthcare is locating industry partners, consultants, and engineers who are open to utilizing new technologies to address problems. These new, often cutting-edge technologies can be expensive and must be tested and implemented to ensure they are the right long-term solution.

Built-in net zero at the Brockton Behavioral Health Center

The Brockton Behavioral Health Center, operational since October 2022, is an 82-bed behavioral health facility in Boston that focuses on clinical stabilization, a form of rehabilitation that extends beyond psychiatric care. The facility has transformed from a conventional building to a net-zero facility. It runs off renewable energy, including solar panels in the geothermal walls.

The Brockton Behavioral Health Center's emphasis on DEI and climate justice reflects Boston Medical Center's sustainability goals. Community reception has been positive, with open communication during the permitting process alleviating initial concerns. The center's focus on clinical support for addiction recovery resonated well with the community.

The complete overhaul of the Brockton Behavioral Health Center leaves limited room for additional sustainability improvements within the building. However, the lessons learned from this project will influence future endeavors. Boston Medical Center is exploring implementing similar technologies on its main campus.

Bringing departments together via data

One of the first steps in making data-based decisions is to believe the data. For people to trust data, they need to know its source, who owns it, and who agrees with it. Additionally, creating a business case for sustainability goals will be more effective if the finance department vets the data. 

Successful sustainable changes aren't made by an energy team alone. Every level in an organization must be involved, including finance, compliance, operations, and HR. Data is the language all departments should speak, regardless of their priorities, and analytics will help to bring everyone on board. 


Resources & People Mentioned

Connect with Scott Czubkowski

Scott Czubkowski PE, CHC is the Director of Energy and Facility Performance at Medxcel.  His specialties include large-scale demand side reduction strategies resulting in utility savings and lower carbon emissions (GHG), supply side management procurement strategies that leverage large portfolio aggregation which supports RE strategies and facility performance programs that optimizes existing assets while optimizing maintenance costs. 

Mr. Czubkowski entered the energy arena in 1990 as a nuclear plant construction engineer on 688 Los Angeles Class submarines and has supported hospital demand side programs since 1994 through various roles as a BAS controls engineer, HVAC system design builder, professional MEP consultant. Most recently, he manages over 1.9 TWh of emissions.

He is a licensed trainer for Florida CILB continuing education programs, an adjunct professor for DeVry University and has spoken at regional engagements related to energy and HVAC system operations.  

Geographical regions served: SE & Central US, Caribbean Islands, Switzerland, Holland, France and Canada.

Connect with Cory Pouliot

Cory Pouliot is the Senior Director of Facilities Operations at Boston Medical Center. Cory possesses strong leadership and organizational competencies combined with strategic planning skills to ensure functional and sustainable program development and implementation, for both clinical and ancillary support/service areas.

Cory holds a Master’s degree in Facilities Management from the Massachusetts Maritime Academy and a MBA in Healthcare Administration from Anna Maria College.  Additionally, he holds a Bachelor of Science in Marine Engineering and Facilities and Plant Engineering; both from the Massachusetts Maritime Academy.  Cory is a Fellow with the American College of Healthcare Executives.  

Cory is also an Adjunct Professor at Wentworth Institute of Technology, teaching various courses in numerous undergraduate and graduate programs in their Facilities Management and Construction Management programs. 

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