Smart Energy Voices - Season Preview

Smart Energy Voices - Season Preview

Smart Energy Voices: A Look At The People Behind The Energy Transition 


As founder of Smart Energy Decisions, John Failla has worked alongside many of the movers and shakers who have committed their lives to the energy transition taking place in our world today. Over that time, he’s marveled at the commitment and passion these amazing professionals have demonstrated to make the transition to clean energy a reality.

It’s these “too good not to be heard” stories, that motivated John to begin a podcast profiling the role these individuals have played — and continue to play — and to help you set your sights higher when it comes to the part you and your organization might play in the transition to clean energy. Listen to get a taste of what is happening behind the scenes of the energy transition. 

You will want to hear this episode if you are interested in...

  • Why we are producing episodes to educate, inspire, and connecting [0:35]
  • John’s goals for your experience with this podcast [1:51]
  • A sneak peek into the first season’s content and guests [2:11]
  • How you can ensure you receive these important conversations [6:01]

Connecting those committed to making the Energy Transition

Smart Energy Decisions has connected with hundreds of people and has published thousands of stories about the steps being taken to produce and consume energy sustainably. These connections provide a unique perspective that the average person doesn’t have — until now.

Smart Energy Voices provides a voice for the people behind the scenes, profiling the initiatives they have spearheaded and the roles they have played in producing the changes that have happened so far. In these episodes, you’ll hear how solar power initiatives have been driven forward, how utility companies are changing the way they procure and produce energy, and many other needle-moving projects.

Helping you make better energy decisions as a business leader

As a business leader, you can make a vast difference in the transition from planet-destroying sources of power to clean, sustainable sources of energy. How? By considering the way your organization procures and consumes energy and making changes that promote and stabilize the renewable energy sector. In these episodes, you will hear story after story of companies that have made that decision, but more importantly, you’ll hear the reasons from the people behind those decisions and the path they pursued to carry them out. It’s an inspirational opportunity to hear what’s already been done, what’s possible, and to learn ways you can integrate clean energy into the operations of your organization.

Consumers benefit when clean energy is the go-to resources

As a consumer, it can be hard to believe that your relatively minor amount of energy consumption is making a dent in the overall energy picture. But take a moment to consider this: your small piece of the energy pie, when added to hundreds of thousands, if not millions of other users makes a huge difference on the large scale.

Smart Energy Voices will empower you to understand what’s going on behind the scenes at the power companies and help you understand the increasing number of options you have as a consumer when it comes to your energy needs. You’ll be encouraged to know the ways you can make a difference that contributes to the overall changes that need to be made in the world. 

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