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Commercial, Sourcing Renewables  -  April 28, 2020

GM's Cruise goes 100% renewable in San Fransisco fleet charging

Cruise announced April 22 that in addition to being the first self-driving car service company to produce an entire fleet on all-electric vehicles, they have officially begun to power their San Francisco fleet on 100% renewable energy.

Cruise is a ride service company specializing in a new line of self-driving electric vehicles, which General Motors purchased in March 2016. In 2019, their fleet achieved the accomplishment of being powered by 100% clean energy in order to ensure that no fossil fuels are used to power the vehicles and this will continue with the San Francisco fleet in 2020.

Cruise sources clean power from 12 solar projects on school sites in Southern California. According to Cruise, transportation accounts for over 40% of California’s greenhouse gas emissions and 70% of those emissions come from light-duty passenger vehicles. The company hopes to be a part of the reduction of those emissions in California as they expand their ride service operations and help be part of achieving the state’s goal of 5 million zero-emissions vehicles by 2030.

“By taking this next step with our fleet of electric vehicles, Cruise hopes to hasten the transition to sustainable transportation powered by carbon-free renewable resources,” Tracy Cheung, senior fleet energy manager, wrote in a statement. “Once cities adopt sustainable transportation at scale, we will all be able to breathe in the clean air that our people and planet deserve every single day.

Cruise also intends to advance their technology in the future by exploring carbon-negative opportunities for growth, such as methane capture from landfills and dairy farms.

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