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Commercial, Sourcing Renewables  -  June 29, 2020

Agility contracts 1,000 electric powertrain trucks

Agility has secured a pre-order of up to 1,000 long-haul, fully electric powertrain trucks to lower the greenhouse gas emissions associated with their trucking activities.

The global logistics company confirmed their pre-order with Hyliion, who announced June 25 the launch of their Hypertruck Electric Range Extender model. Agility also agreed to invest in a private offering of securities to be issued by Tortoise Acquisition Corp.

“The Hyliion technology is so game-changing that all companies, especially those with consumer-facing brands, will be forced to adapt,” Tarek Sultan, vice chairman and CEO of Agility, said in a statement. “It’s a triple win: Protect the environment, keep customers happy and benefit shareholders by improving the bottom line. We look forward to bringing significant cost savings and greater efficiency to our customers.”

The Hypertruck ERX provides more than 1,000 miles of range with its fully electric drivetrain combined with a natural gas-powered onboard generator to recharge the battery. The powertrain produces electricity locally at around 30% less than the average grid cost and yields a seven-year cost-of-ownership. The system also features a machine learning algorithm that optimizes energy efficiency, emissions, performance and predictive maintenance schedules.

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