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Sourcing Renewables  -  July 30, 2020

San Juan, N.M., to convert retired coal plant to RE

A New Mexico city is planning an renewable energy overhaul of a generating plant that will be shutting down in 2022.

The San Juan Public Regulation Commission voted to replace the city’s generating plant with 100% renewable energy. The power plant is currently planned to be retired in 2022, KRQE reported.

“This historic decision will benefit communities and generations in the Four Corners region for years to come,” Robyn Jackson of Diné C.A.R.E said in a statement. “By unanimously agreeing to an all-renewables replacement of coal power with solar and battery storage within affected communities and the Central Consolidated School District, economic relief and renewal is possible. This decision is a solid investment in community health and future economic sustainability.”

The commission also reported that the move will invest $1 billion into the area and support the economic advancement of the region with 1,000 new construction jobs, work opportunities in coal mine reclamation, improving property values and enhancing business opportunities in other economic sectors.

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