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Commercial, Solar  -  October 28, 2020

San Diego PPE manufacturer installs onsite solar

A local San Diego manufacturer of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) announced Oct. 27 that it installed a solar energy system that will power its manufacturing plant.

Crazy Industries worked with Jamar Power Systems, who installed the system. 

"We expect to reduce SDG&E electricity consumption by 88 percent and save nearly $40k per year as a result," Don Roe, President of Crazy Industries, said in a statement

Roe previously saw a 50% reduction in energy costs at another manufacturing facility that he owns following the installation of a similar solar system. The company chose to install solar onsite for its energy savings potential and associated tax credits and rebates.

The plant used to produce racing apparel but switched to outputting PPE that is used in healthcare facilities, schools, corporations and novelty racing markets following the outbreak of Covid-19.

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