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Sourcing Renewables  -  August 5, 2021

X, the Moonshot Factory and AES Pair Up on Grid Virtualization

The AES Corporation announced Aug. 3 that it will be collaborating with X, the moonshot factory to develop technology that will help accelerate the clean energy transition.

The pair will use near real-time grid virtualization technologies to build tools that improve grid reliability, optimize operations and reduce costs of the electricity sector, particularly to optimize the grid for renewables.

AES first began working with X, formerly Google X, through a 10-year strategic alliance between AES and Google formed in 2019 to use Google Cloud technology to increase developments in energy distribution and management.

“One of the biggest obstacles to shifting to a renewable and reliable electric system is having a complete real-time picture of what is happening on the electric grid,” Audrey Zibelman, vice president and general manager for X's electric grid team, said in a statement. “We are developing new computational and virtualization tools designed to give everyone who manages and operates the grid the ability to plan, build, and manage a clean and resilient grid.”

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