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Sourcing Renewables  -  September 13, 2021

Chevron and Caterpillar Test Transportation-Sector Hydrogen Use

Chevron U.S.A. and Caterpillar announced Sept. 9 a new partnership to develop hydrogen as a commercially viable fuel alternative for line-haul rail and marine vessels.

The pair agreed to work together on hydrogen demonstration projects in transportation and stationary power applications to confirm its feasibility and performance, including in prime power. Demonstration of hydrogen-fueled locomotives and hydrogen-fueling infrastructure is now underway at various locations around the country, facilitated by Caterpillar’s Progress Rail.

“As we work to provide customers with the capability to use their desired fuel type in their operations, collaborating with Chevron is a great opportunity to demonstrate the viability of hydrogen as a fuel source,” Joe Creed, Caterpillar group president of Energy & Transportation, said in a statement. “This agreement supports our commitment to investing in new products, technologies and services to help our customers achieve their climate-related objectives as they build a better, more sustainable world.”

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