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Sourcing Renewables  -  September 29, 2021

Greenland Utility Launches Waste-to-Energy Service

Greenland’s national waste management company, ESANI A/S, will soon provide district heating for residents and businesses through new waste-to-energy facilities.

The utility awarded a contract to Babcock & Wilcox’s Renewable segment for $35 million to supply and install advanced combustion, emissions control and related equipment to convert all its municipal waste and waste recovered from existing landfills into energy. The use of such waste will also reduce the country’s methane emissions by decreasing the amount of waste decomposing in landfills.

“Waste-to-energy technologies are some of the most effective solutions for combatting climate change by reducing methane emissions from landfills and can be combined with carbon capture technologies to further reduce greenhouse gas emissions,” B&W COO Jimmy Morgan said in a statement. “Using B&W Renewable’s proven waste-to-energy and environmental technologies, operators can generate clean energy while reducing the amount of trash in landfills, protecting the air and water from emissions and runoff, and fighting climate change. B&W Renewable’s technology also provides a fully sustainable solution, now and in the future, to process municipal waste while helping to protect Greenland’s pristine and fragile arctic environment.”

It is estimated that just one ton of landfilled waste emits the equivalent of 3.42 metric tons of carbon dioxide on a 20-year basis. The installation of B&W equipment at municipal waste facilities will include the supply of advanced Vølund DynaGrate combustion grates, boilers, waste feeding systems, a Vølund DynaDischarger ash extractor, GMABTM flue gas cleaning systems and advanced control and monitoring systems.

The facilities are scheduled to be completed in 2023 and 2024.

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