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Sourcing Renewables  -  November 10, 2022

Southern California CCAs to Receive Geothermal Electricity

A group of nine California-based community choice aggregators (CCAs) will receive geothermal power.

Fervo Energy announced the execution of a 20 MW power purchase agreement to provide 24/7 carbon-free geothermal power to the Californian aggregators.  

The 15-year contract will provide clean energy to households across Southern California.

The offtakers include Desert Community Energy (DCE), Clean Energy Alliance (CEA), and California Choice Energy Authority (CalChoice) on behalf of the Town of Apple Valley, the City of Lancaster, the City of Pomona, the City of Pico Rivera, the City of Rancho Mirage, the City of Santa Barbara, and the City of San Jacinto.

Fervo Energy will help all nine entities meet firm, clean power requirements under the 2021 State of California mandate requiring load-serving entities to procure 1,000 MW of non-weather-dependent, zero-emissions energy. The project will dispatch 20 MW of 24/7 carbon-free geothermal power from Fervo’s Beaver County, Utah position with expected operation in Q2 of 2026.

“This is a great example of local government leading the way in providing residents and businesses with 100% green, carbon-free energy,” said DCE Chair Geoff Kors in a statement. “Of our 33,000 customers in Palm Springs, 24,000 of them are on DCE’s Carbon Free plan, and altogether they will save nearly $2 million from this partnership with Fervo Energy.”



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