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Commercial, Energy Efficiency, Commercial, Solar  -  October 30, 2023

Jersey City Public Schools to Add Solar, HVAC Improvements

Jersey City Public Schools, the third largest public school district in New Jersey, will receive solar power, new LED lighting, upgraded automation, renovated heating and cooling systems, and water conservation and infrastructure improvements through an Energy Savings Improvement Program (ESIP). 

DCO Energy finalized a contract for a $122 million ESIP that was approved by the New Jersey Board of Public Utilities.

Through the ESIP, eight schools in Jersey City will receive newly installed HVAC ventilation systems to decrease the schools' energy use. 

Jersey City Public Schools will also benefit from the installation of new cutting-edge solar energy technologies. Thirty-one schools will have renewable solar generation of almost 11,000,000 kWh of electricity, generating 42% of the district's power onsite via solar.

"This project is a testament to the sustainable and health safety priorities of Jersey City Public Schools,” said Dr. Norma Fernandez, Superintendent of Jersey City Public Schools District, in a statement. “We are committed to providing a green, safe, and healthy learning environment for all students and staff. Installing new HVAC equipment and solar panels will significantly improve indoor air quality and reduce emissions, allowing the school district to redirect the funding into educational programs while improving the quality of classrooms for students.”

Jersey City Public School District includes 44 schools representing 5.5 million square feet.

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