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Industrial, Solar, Sourcing Renewables  -  December 18, 2023

Army Adds Solar, Battery Storage Projects

The U.S. Deputy Secretary of Energy announced initiatives, including battery storage development for grid stability, to support its energy resilience and climate goals. 

Fort Riley will add a new 4.4 MW solar ground mount, which will generate an average of 6,013 MWh annually over the 25-year project, while Fort Johnson will add a 13 MW solar ground mount, which will generate an average of 17,537 MWh annually.

Corvias, a partner to the U.S. Army, completed a project recently that is expected to generate $240 million in utility savings over the next 30 years. At Fort Liberty, Corvias is developing over 32 MW of solar projects.

“Fort Riley, Kansas, is now home to one of the largest solar programs in the state, due to Corvias’ investment in sustainable solar development,” said Pablo Varela, Senior Vice President, Renewable Energy & Utilities Management, at a recent Sevan Multi-Site Solutions’ Annual Symposium.

“Corvias continues to support the Army and their energy goals by incorporating creative funding opportunities, innovative development plans, and providing energy-efficient communities through meaningful utility and infrastructure upgrades. The benefits include long-term savings, resiliency and energy security to installations for tactical self-sufficiency, and the support of Army Climate Strategy (ACS) goals, such as a reduction in an installations’ carbon footprint, benefiting the environment.”

Corvias has also invested in renewable energy projects in partnership with the local Army directorates of public works (DPW), utility companies, and utility commissions, to construct over 34 MW of solar projects.

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