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U.S. Innovation to Meet 2050 Climate Goals: Assessing Initial R&D Opportunities

Type: White Paper
Date Published: 11/7/2022
Source: The White House

The Biden-Harris Administration is committed to supporting game-changing innovation to meet its climate goals - including the national goal of reaching net-zero emissions by no later than 2050. This report, "U.S. Innovation to Meet 2050 Climate Goals: Assessing Initial R&D Opportunities," identifies five areas prioritized by the Administration to launch the Net-Zero Game Changers Initiative, including:

  • Efficient Building Heating and Cooling
  • Net-Zero Aviation
  • Net-Zero Power Grid and Electrification
  • Fusion Energy at Scale
  • Industrial Products and Fuels for a Net-Zero, Circular Economy. 

Explore this report to understand the focus on identifying emerging technologies that hold promise to change the game on the path to net zero.


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