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Microsoft Carbon Removal: Observations from our Third Year

Type: White Paper
Date Published: 7/10/2023
Source: Microsoft

Microsoft presents its third Carbon Removal update to the lessons observed and learned through the company's efforts (alongside other companies) to establish a robust, worldwide carbon removal market.

"We continue to be transparent with the public at large and the carbon removal community on the challenges and opportunities in the market," Microsoft explains in a forward to the report. "Healthy dialogue will enable us all to quickly scale the carbon removal capacity that—following deep and rapid decarbonization—will be crucial to addressing hard-to-abate sectors in the middle of this century."

The report includes Supply Side Learnings, Demand Side Commentary, Market Infrastructure Observations, and an update on new additions to Microsoft's carbon removal portfolio.

Explore Microsoft's report to understand its plans for a portfolio of greater than 5 million metric tonnes of carbon removal per year in 2030:





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