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Energy Efficiency, Industrial  -  October 27, 2021

Better Plants 2021 Progress Update

As of October 2021, more than 250 companies have partnered with DOE in the Better Plants Program and Challenge. The Better Plants 2021 Progress Update reports that, to date, partners have saved more than $9 billion dollars and 1.9 quadrillion Btus of energy. Over 60 partners have met their initial energy reduction goals, and many have gone on to set new goals with the U.S Department of Energy. In 2021, twenty new companies joined the program, seven Better Plants partners achieved their energy intensity reduction goals and three partners that previously achieved their energy-intensity reduction goals repledged with new goals.

Through the Better Plants program, the DOE partners with leading U.S. manufacturers and water and wastewater treatment agencies to improve their energy efficiency and sustainability. Reducing energy and water waste in the industrial sector not only saves money and increases competitiveness, but also strengthens resiliency and leads to a stronger workforce. 

Download this report to learn how leading manufacturers are working to save energy, increase competitiveness, and decarbonize industry:




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