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Welcome to Beyond the Meter. Hosted by John Failla, Smart Energy Decisions Founder.
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Season One
Season Preview
Episode 1: Trends in Renewable Energy Procurement
Episode 2: Corporate Deployment of EC Charging Infrastructure
Episode 3: Renewable Energy Sourcing in Higher Education

Trailer: Season preview

Date: 09/09/19

Guests: Craig Noxon, vice president of enterprise sales, REC Solar

Renewable energy is a big topic these days - and it will undoubtedly become a bigger topic as we move further into the 21st century. It’s not just that we want to develop more efficient and environmentally friendly energy solutions, it’s that we must. Our future and the future of our planet depend on it. Read more...

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Episode 1: Renewable Energy Procurement Trends

Date: 09/09/19

Guests: Kyle Harrison, senior associate, corporate sustainability, Bloomberg NEF
Chris Fallon, vice president, Duke Energy Renewables

When considering both the future of the planet and the future of both industry and human thriving worldwide, the renewable energy outlook is of paramount importance. Renewable energy is of vital concern simply because cultures worldwide consume energy as part of everyday life. Read more...

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Episode 2: Corporate Deployment Of EV Charging Infrastructure

Date: 09/09/19

Guests: Rob Threlkeld, global manager - sustainable energy, supply & reliability, General Motors
Craig Noxon, vice president of enterprise sales, REC Solar

Naturally, as any consumer technology becomes available to the public, the supporting infrastructure has to be developed right alongside. That’s the only way it can become widely accepted. But it’s not as easy as “just doing it.” There are many obstacles, financial hurdles, and unforeseen difficulties that have to be overcome. This conversation dives into what’s happening behind the scenes in the electric vehicle industry to deploy EV charging infrastructure across the nation. Read more...

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 Episode 3: Renewable Energy Sourcing In Higher Education

Date: 09/09/19

Guests: Wolfgang Bauer, associate vice president, Michigan State University
Scott Therien, p
roject development manager, REC Solar

The use of renewable energy is becoming more and more common on campuses of higher education across the country - and it’s not surprising. Institutions of higher education are both massive consumers of energy and are in the business of learning and teaching. That combination makes them ideal laboratories for innovation and advancement in the field. Read more...

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