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Episode 15: Innovation through Electrification

Date: 10/25/2021 *Airs This Monday*

Guest: Diana Kotler, Executive Director at Anaheim Transportation Network

Our guest for this episode is Diana Kotler, Executive Director at Anaheim Transportation Network. 
 Host John Failla and Diana discuss one of the hottest topics in the industry: fleet electrification. Diana has extraordinary insights and experience on the topic that we’re excited to share. Listen in to learn more.  

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Episode 14: The Power of Resiliency

Date: 9/13/2021

Guests: Ann Kloose, City of Fresno Manager of Sustainability
Whit Remer, City of Tampa Sustainability and Resilience Officer 
Michael Kilpatrick,  Duke Energy Sustainable Solutions

Municipalities across the U.S. experience any number of challenges when building infrastructure projects and energy solutions, but one of the biggest is building with future needs in mind. The issues of resilience and sustainability are front and center in this undertaking, and the guests on this episode are on the front lines of the fight.  Read more...

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Episode 13: ESG Investing & Innovative Financing Models Including Green Bonds

Date: 11/16/20

Guests: Cari  Boyce - SVP Enterprise Strategy & Planning, Duke Energy
Katherine Neebe, President, Duke Energy Foundation, VP National Engagement & Strategy, Chief Sustainability Officer, Duke Energy Corporation
Douglas F (Doug) Esamann, EVP Energy Solutions, President, Midwest/Florida Regions, and President Natural Gas Business

Many companies are looking to ESGs to guide sustainability decisions and to prove their sustainability commitment to customers and stakeholders. Join us for this episode as Cari Boyce, Katherine Neebe, and Doug Esamann join host John Failla to discuss the steps Duke Energy has taken in the adoption and implementation of ESGs in moving toward its sustainability goals.  Read more...

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Episode 12: Electrification of Transportation

Date: 11/09/20

Guests: Catherine Kummer - Climate Advisor, American Cities Climate Challenge
Michael Luhrs - VP Market Strategy & Solutions, Duke  Energy


We’ve all heard of the new electric vehicles that Tesla and other manufacturers are producing, but when you look at electric vehicles from a broader fleet perspective, the possibilities for reducing carbon emissions long-term are exciting. The Smart Energy Decisions team believes this issue of fleet and public transportation conversion to be a key component in moving the energy transition forward, so this conversation was especially interesting to us. Our guests on this episode are Catherine Kummer, Climate Advisor for the American Cities Climate Challenge to the City of Charlotte, NC, and Michael Luhrs, Vice President of Market Strategy and Solutions for Duke Energy. Speaking from their unique positions, each of them provides a wonderful perspective on the issues driving the move toward fleet and public transportation electrification, how it’s being accomplished on the ground, how the issue impacts corporations, and what role utilities like Duke are playing in making the transition possible.  Read more...

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Episode 11: Evolving Energy Strategies In Higher Ed - What's Next?

Date: 10/12/20

Guests: Bill Guerrero, Vice President for Finance and Administration, Ithaca College
Dennis Elliot, Director of Energy, Utilities, and Sustainability, California Poly
Wayne Johnson, Duke Energy’s Key Segment Manager For Education

Institutes of higher education are large consumers of energy. From the lights and heat that are needed to keep students and faculty comfortable enough to learn effectively, to the equipment, technology, and staff required to keep things running, the expense is enormous. But for those same reasons, these institutions have a tremendous opportunity to push forward the move toward sustainable energy solutions, which will result in a cleaner environment and better future, and cost savings for them. Read more...

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Episode 10: Teaming on Sustainability: Manufacturing & Retail

Date: 10/12/20

Guests: Lisa Zwack, Head of Sustainability, Kroger

Denis George, Category Manager – Energy, Kroger

While many people know Kroger as the nation’s largest traditional food retailer, few know that they are effectively the fifth largest consumer packaged goods manufacturer in the nation and have more than 2800 retail food stores under a variety of banner names. In this episode, we learn that Kroger is committed to protecting people and the planet by advancing positive change in their company and communities and realizing that they could have multiple environmental and social impacts through their own operations, through the supply chain, and in other areas. Read more...

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Episode 9: Resiliency and Technology in Cities 

Date: 9/14/20

Guests: Michael Kilpatrick, Key Segment Manager, State Governments, Municipalities, and Co-ops
Jane Nickles, CIO, City of Greensboro
Butch Shumate, Facilities Manager at City of Greensboro
                                                       Sergey Kobelev, Energy and Sustainability Management Engineer

Most of us live day to day in our city of choice without giving much thought to the infrastructure and services that living in the city provides. But when a natural disaster or outage happens, we immediately recognize that vitally important things were going on behind the scenes that we benefit from directly. Read more...

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Episode 8: Resiliency In Healthcare 

Date: 9/14/20

Guests: Eric Bennett, Duke Energy, Key Segment Manager Health Care
Matthew Stiene, VP Construction and Engineering, Novant Health


Hurricane Katrina and Superstorm Sandy were each crisis situations in their own right and one of the sectors impacted that brought the issue of power resilience to the forefront was healthcare. It’s easy to see how life and death are on the line when power outages or disruptions impact a care facility. Join host, John Failla as he speaks with Eric Bennett of Duke Energy and Matt Stiene of Novant Healthcare as they discuss the current state of resiliency in healthcare systems, the challenges faced in becoming more resilient, and what the future may hold. Read more...

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Season One
Season Preview
Episode 1: Trends in Renewable Energy Procurement
Episode 2: Corporate Deployment of EV Charging Infrastructure
Episode 3: Renewable Energy Sourcing in Higher Education
Episode 4: The Home Depot Sustainability Approach
Episode 5: How Energy Providers Like Duke Are Leading The Way
Episode 6: 
How AT&T’s Corporate Sustainability Pledge Is Coming To Life
Episode 7: Look Who Switched To Renewables: Sprint’s Journey To Lower Emissions

Episode 7: Look Who Switched To Renewables: Sprint’s Journey To Lower Emissions

Date: 10/21/19

Guests: Amy Bond, Energy and Sustainability Program Manager, Sprint
Scott Macmurdo, Business Development Director - Corporate Accounts at Duke Energy                                                         Renewables

Lower emissions are one of the many goals being set by corporations across the country to reduce their carbon footprint and exercise corporate responsibility. Naturally, every company has its own unique set of hurdles to overcome in setting and attaining such goals. In this conversation Amy Bond, Energy and Sustainability Program Manager at Sprint explains how Sprint started looking into what it could do to procure energy from renewable sources back in 2008, but nothing fit their situation at that time. Fast forward to 2018 and it’s an entirely different story. Read more...

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Episode 6: How AT&T’s Corporate Sustainability Pledge Is Coming To Life

Date: 10/14/19

Guests: Shannon Carroll, Director of Global Environmental Sustainability at AT&T
Scott Macmurdo, Business Development Director - Corporate Accounts at Duke Energy Renewables

More and more companies are making corporate sustainability pledges - and it’s a good thing. Corporations are some of the largest consumers of energy in the world. When these companies take steps to reduce their carbon footprint by procuring their energy from renewable sources, they have a significant impact on the overall environmental issues our world is facing. Read more...

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Episode 5: How Energy Providers Like Duke Are Leading The Way

Date: 10/14/19

Guests: Douglas Esamann, Executive Vice President, Energy Solutions and President, Midwest and Florida Regions
Chris Fallon, Vice President of Duke Energy Renewables

As one of the largest energy providers in the United States, Duke Energy is positioned to make a significant impact on the move toward renewable sources of energy. Duke provides electricity to 7.7 million retail customers in six states. While some might see the renewable energy movement as a threat to a company like Duke, its leadership sees renewable energy as the future of energy providers across the nation. Read more...

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Episode 4: The Home Depot Sustainability Approach

Date: 10/14/19

Guests: Craig D’Arcy, Director- Energy Management at The Home Depot
Craig Noxon, Vice President of Enterprise Sales at REC Solar

One of the high profile corporate renewable energy initiatives in the news recently has been the unveiling of Home Depot’s sustainability goals. Home Depot is among the increasing number of corporations working to make renewables a significant part of their energy procurement strategy. Read more...

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Episode 3: Renewable Energy Sourcing In Higher Education

Date: 09/09/19

Guests: Wolfgang Bauer, associate vice president, Michigan State University
Scott Therien, p
roject development manager, REC Solar

The use of renewable energy is becoming more and more common on campuses of higher education across the country - and it’s not surprising. Institutions of higher education are both massive consumers of energy and are in the business of learning and teaching. That combination makes them ideal laboratories for innovation and advancement in the field. Read more...

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Episode 2: Corporate Deployment Of EV Charging Infrastructure

Date: 09/09/19

Guests: Rob Threlkeld, global manager - sustainable energy, supply & reliability, General Motors
Craig Noxon, vice president of enterprise sales, REC Solar

Naturally, as any consumer technology becomes available to the public, the supporting infrastructure has to be developed right alongside. That’s the only way it can become widely accepted. But it’s not as easy as “just doing it.” There are many obstacles, financial hurdles, and unforeseen difficulties that have to be overcome. This conversation dives into what’s happening behind the scenes in the electric vehicle industry to deploy EV charging infrastructure across the nation. Read more...

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Episode 1: Renewable Energy Procurement Trends

Date: 09/09/19

Guests: Kyle Harrison, senior associate, corporate sustainability, Bloomberg NEF
Chris Fallon, vice president, Duke Energy Renewables

When considering both the future of the planet and the future of both industry and human thriving worldwide, the renewable energy outlook is of paramount importance. Renewable energy is of vital concern simply because cultures worldwide consume energy as part of everyday life. Read more...

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Trailer: Season preview

Date: 09/09/19

Guests: Craig Noxon, vice president of enterprise sales, REC Solar

Renewable energy is a big topic these days - and it will undoubtedly become a bigger topic as we move further into the 21st century. It’s not just that we want to develop more efficient and environmentally friendly energy solutions, it’s that we must. Our future and the future of our planet depend on it. Read more...

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