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Beyond the Meter - Season Preview

Introducing Beyond The Meter, A Podcast Highlighting The Transition To Renewable Energy


Renewable energy is a big topic these days - and it will undoubtedly become a bigger topic as we move further into the 21st century. It’s not just that we want to develop more efficient and environmentally friendly energy solutions, it’s that we must. Our future and the future of our planet depend on it.

I’m John Failla, Founder and Editorial Director at Smart Energy Decisions, the first web-based information resource dedicated exclusively to addressing the information needs of commercial and industrial electric power customers. Our goal is to serve as a catalyst for change in support of the dramatic energy transformation taking place in the electric power market. To that end, we want to elevate the conversation around the topic of renewable energy, and this podcast, produced in partnership with Duke Energy is one way we are doing that.

Join us for “Beyond The Meter” - a series of conversations highlighting what’s happening in the field of renewable energy. In this series, we’ll discuss how companies and municipalities are beginning to transition, how innovation and technology are making it possible, and what YOU can do to join the movement. You can subscribe to these conversations in a number of ways, which you can find at the bottom of these notes. Thank you!

Outline of This Episode

  • [0:32] Who is Craig Noxon?
  • [1:16] The three “C”s behind the use of renewable energy in corporates
  • [6:22] The increase in use of distributed energy sources
  • [12:35] The utility companies are a significant part of the renewable energy transition

How and why corporations need to transition toward renewable energy

Corporations are under increasing pressure due to the global competition they face. The rise of the internet alongside other digital technologies enables competition from around the world to reach out to their markets. For this reason, the leadership at corporations across the world are discovering that they need ways to do more with less.

When it comes to doing more with less, energy has been a bit stubborn. It’s been hard to reduce costs in that area and still provide needed resources, but all that is changing, for a few very encouraging reasons…

1 - Policy changes have occurred that allow for more choice. Corporations are realizing that the loggerheads they once experienced when choosing utilities and energy solutions are no longer the same.

2 - Innovation in both financial and technological ways are allowing for options that didn’t exist before. Wind and solar are now able to compete with the traditional energy grid to drive down the cost per kilowatt hour. Corporations are finding this very appealing. Imagine the difference it could make to a manufacturing company to reduce its energy costs company-wide!

Control and Costs are huge considerations when it comes to renewable energy

The rise of renewable energy has had a wonderful impact on the ability of corporations to exercise greater control in how they go about using energy. They can now manage risk more effectively and plan for the future due to the options available - EVs, solar, microgrid storage, and more. These allow businesses to have a greater degree of resiliency and increased capacity. The increased usefulness of storage technologies is the glue that helps the distributed generation technologies work together.

It’s encouraging to realize that there is not a single technology that makes distributed energy solutions work. The technologies that exist are able to work together in ways unheard of previously.

Utility companies play a huge role in making the transition to renewable energy

It’s to be expected that a transition of the magnitude needed in the energy industry is going to take time and require many people and entities to participate. One of the beautiful things is that we now have solutions beyond what a typical regulated utility company can provide. For example, Duke Energy is the owner of REC Solar. Why? It gives Duke access outside its typical markets and the potential to own and operate energy assets long term. More and more partnerships like this are happening and it’s serving the public good by utilizing the strengths of the long-standing energy companies alongside the innovations found in renewable energy technologies like wind and solar.

Subscribe to this podcast to hear more about what’s happening in the industry, what you can expect to see in terms of innovation and adoption as time rolls on, and how you can be part of the renewable energy revolution.

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