Smart Energy Voices- Episode 67

Smart Energy Voices- Episode 67

SED's Sustainability Plan, with Alexandra Failla

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In this episode of Smart Energy Voices, host John Failla introduces Alexandra Failla, Director of ESG and Administration at Smart Energy Decisions. Alexandra shares SED’s first Sustainability Report, which reflects SED’s commitment to align its actions and operations with The United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals. We hope you’ll enjoy it, and we welcome your feedback.


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  • Walking the walk [02:41]
  • SED’s mission and values [03:53]
  • Understanding environmental impact [05:27]
  • Environmental opportunities [06:53]
  • Social opportunities [08:15]
  • Operating with integrity and fairness [08:40]


Establishing sustainability goals

Helping others achieve their sustainability goals has been vital to Smart Energy Decisions’ business since its inception, and the time has come for SED to establish its own sustainability goals. With this Sustainability Report, SED is proud to be the first energy-focused, business-to-business media company to showcase its progress across environmental, social, and governance sustainability dimensions. 

This report was created to outline SED’s activities thus far and demonstrate commitment to sustainable development. Establishing an emissions inventory provides a starting point for planning future reductions and finding efficiencies, innovation, and risk management opportunities. SED intends to monitor its progress over time using KPIs.

Environmental impact opportunities

Helping others navigate the energy transition is central to the mission and values of Smart Energy Decisions. The sustainability report details its sustainability initiatives and opportunities for improvement through the ESG framework. The report also discusses the markets that SED serves and covers environmental, social, and governance factors. This first sustainability report also focuses on the elements of SED’s business that have the most opportunities for positive impact. These topics were selected after thoughtful consideration of the organization’s stakeholder priorities and their alignment with The United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals.

While the SED supports all of the 17 United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals, SED’s first sustainability report highlights how several of these goals align with business goals. Also outlined is how SED engages with its stakeholder community by listening, collaborating, and informing existing stakeholders through numerous methods. Stakeholder engagement helps SED proactively serve the needs and desires of its community, fostering trust, confidence, and buy-in for initiatives. This commitment to stakeholder engagement helps mitigate risk and potential conflicts in the strategic planning process.

Social impact and moving forward

While Smart Energy Decisions is working to reduce the impact of its environmental footprint in the future, it’s proud of what it has accomplished in the work and social component of ESG. SED’s Inspiring Diversity in Energy Series and other efforts have paved the way for others to follow in addressing this critical issue in the energy industry. SED has prioritized various social impact efforts by educating the community and providing financial assistance to organizations aligned with SED in values. 

Smart Energy Decisions holds itself accountable to operate with integrity and fairness. The report outlines plans for the vendor and site selection process, customer privacy, workplace equality, and SED’s advisory board. In the future, SED aims to work with hotels and suppliers that are aligned with its sustainability goals by establishing a screening process to source vendors. SED is also working to increase the representation of minorities and women on its advisory board and as speakers at SED events. Smart Energy Decisions is excited about its new sustainability report and continuing to help companies navigate the energy transition in a sustainable manner.


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Alexandra Failla is Smart Energy Decisions' Director of ESG and Administration, managing sustainability initiatives, social media, and coordinating content-related scheduling.  She recently received her M.S. in Sustainability Management at Columbia University.

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