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Industrial  -  June 29, 2022

Vesuvius Invests in Sustainable Foundry

Vesuvius announced June 27 that it is ramping up its investment in manufacturing and engineering initiatives that are focused on sustainability.

The foundry product supplier, through its Foseco brand, will invest in such initiatives in North America that reduce customer lead time, deliver continued product innovation, and offer sustainable consumables and solutions for customers to reduce their environmental footprint.

This announcement follows other sustainability projects launched by Vesuvius, including construction of a new manufacturing facility that will feature updated technology and sustainable initiatives that reduce carbon emissions and improve the speed and delivery of production. The facility is meant to fulfill 75% of customer demand in North America and should be completed in 2023.

The company is also involved in R&D that is meant to help it and its customers improve their environmental footprint, with 80% of products currently in development being meant to offer sustainable solutions for customers to reduce their carbon emissions.

“We recognize that the pandemic has impacted the world in unprecedented ways, causing strain on most industries and businesses, including foundries,” Manuel Delfino, Vice President of Vesuvius Foundry Division, NAFTA, said in a statement. “It has also uncovered new opportunities for us to renew our focus on what we do best for our foundry customers — delivering solid innovation, unmatched quality and sustainable engineering. Customers can feel confident knowing we’re continuing to invest in innovative solutions to help reduce their delivery time, improve casting quality and optimize their production costs.”

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