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Demand Management, Energy Efficiency, GHG Emissions, Industrial  -  December 6, 2017 - By Amy Poszywak

Bose announces 2020 goal to cut energy use 6%

In its first-ever public sustainability report, audio equipment manufacturer Bose Corp. outlined how its efforts to bring together its carbon reduction, renewable energy and energy efficiency goals into a broader environmental management system has prepared it for the future. 

"By retooling our business to minimize the company's environmental impact, we'll be able to lower energy and materials costs, reduce commodity risks and enhance our ability to deliver the kinds of efficiency products our customers want," the company said in its report. 

In recent years, Bose said it brought all its sustainability efforts into "a common framework," with standardized metrics and procedures, that is used by all of its major facilities around the world. The system, it said, has enabled the company to track environmental metrics across operations, manage compliance requirements and improve goal-setting and accountability. 

As such, Bose laid out a goal to reduce its manufacturing energy consumption by 6% per unit produced from its fiscal year 2017 level. The company said its starting point toward that goal is its Tijuana manufacturing plant: its largest energy consumer. 

In fiscal year 2017, Bose said its energy use (including both fuel and electricity) was about 250,700 gigajoules, essentially flat compared to the prior year. The company's full sustainability report is available on its website. 

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