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Race to Net Zero


Welcome to Race to Net Zero.

Hosted by John Failla, Smart Energy Decisions Founder.

Made in partnership with NRG Energy

Race to Net Zero is a six-episode series by NRG and Smart Energy Decisions featuring conversations with energy experts and businesses who have committed to net-zero carbon emissions. Throughout the series, host John Failla will interview industry experts and share actionable energy measures your business can implement and carbon reduction success stories to help you on your race to net zero. If you’re interested in taking a deeper dive into the topics discussed and learn more about where your peers are on their journeys, download the 2022 State of Decarbonization report at nrg.com/zero.

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Episode 2: Outlining your journey: Houston's landmark Climate Action Plan, with Priya Zachariah

Airdate: September 27th, 2022

Guests: Priya Zachariah, City of Houston
Greg Kandankulam, NRG

In this episode, host John Failla sits down with Priya Zachariah, Chief Resilience and Sustainability Officer for the City of Houston, and Greg Kandankulam, Director of Sustainability Advisory at NRG. They discuss the importance of the sustainability goal-setting process and programs the city of Houston has implemented to achieve its ambitious public commitments. Listen in to learn more.  

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Episode 1: The Starting Point: Key Drivers of the Net Zero Movement

Airdate: September 13th, 2022

Guests: Lynda Clemmons, Vice President of Sustainable Solutions at NRG Energy

The Race to Net Zero podcast is a unique, six-episode series centered around your net-zero journey. In this premiere episode, host John Failla introduces Lynda Clemmons, Vice President of Sustainable Solutions at NRG Energy. Smart Energy Decisions is thrilled to partner with NRG on this extraordinary educational project for the industry. Listen in to learn more.  

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