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Distributed Generation, Solar, Sourcing Renewables  -  October 8, 2019

Contra Costa County to install 3.7 MW in solar arrays

Contra Costa County, Calif., will be deploying a total of 3.7 MW in solar systems at 10 locations across the country and expects the project to offset approximately 68% grid electricity.

The project will include Helix Roof and Carport systems by SunPower. Three of the sites will also include Helix Storage systems that reach a combined 1.5 MW.

The county signed a 25-year PPA for the project and will begin design and implementation over the next year. They will also own the RECs associated with solar production.

"The electric utility system is evolving and we're confident that these solar and storage solutions from SunPower will help us adapt, reducing greenhouse gas emissions and improving the local environment while delivering energy and demand charge savings to the County," Frank Di Massa, Energy Manager at Contra Costa County, said in a statement . "The solar and storage systems are a key component of our Distributed Energy Resource Action Plan and, by extension, will facilitate the expansion of the County's EV charge infrastructure and automated demand response efforts." 

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