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Solar  -  November 6, 2020

Dane County to achieve 100% RE with new solar installation

All county-owned facilities in Dane County, Wis., are soon to be run on 100% renewable power once a 16.5 MW solar field comes online.

The 55,000-panel solar array is being installed on 140 acres of land in the town of Cottage Grove, according to The Capital Times. The project is being developed by Alliant Energy and is expected to be completed in a couple of years and generate more than 25,000 MWh of electricity a year.

“Our customers want clean renewable energy, and it's facilities like this that help them achieve that,” JP Brummond, Alliant Energy vice president of business planning, told the publication.

Under the agreement between Dane County and Alliant, the county purchased the property where the array will be located and will lease the land to Alliant. In exchange, the county will receive RECs to offset its emissions.

This project follows 16 other solar arrays in Dane County that generate a combined 600 kW of energy. The other installations include a 179 kW project at the Dane County Job Center, a 222 kW installation at the East District Highway Garage and 19 kW of capacity on the Dane County Library Service Building.

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