The Mondaine Group achieves carbon neutrality - Smart Energy Decisions

Commercial, Energy Efficiency, GHG Emissions  -  November 30, 2020

The Mondaine Group achieves carbon neutrality

The Mondaine Group announced Nov. 19 that it is now one of the first carbon-neutral watch companies in the world and achieved net zero emissions in 2020.

The Swiss watch company released its 2020 Sustainability Report, which details that the company reached this net zero target across all areas of its business, including factory and HQ operations, packaging, waste, power, water and business travel. The company operates in sustainability designed buildings, like its Pfäffikon, Switzerland headquarters which features efficient insulation technology and is powered by electricity from a hydroelectric power plant.

“The WE CARE mission means that we assume social and ecological responsibility with a corporate culture that encourages our consumers, trading partners and employees to act sustainably,” André Bernheim, Co-owner and Chairman of the Board of Directors and Environmental Officer of the Group, said in the report. “For decades, we have consistently maintained a responsible use of resources, searched for eco-friendly solutions and alternative materials. With our successful track record, we continuously reduce our ecological footprint, step by step. We would like other watch companies to follow our example to support the next generations.”

Moving forward, the company intends to continue to reduce its emissions as a company and increase the use of renewable energy in its factories. The Mondaine Group also intends to work more with suppliers to increase sustainability throughout its supply chain.

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