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Sourcing Renewables  -  December 2, 2020

St. Louis rolls out electric bus charging management system

The St. Louis Metro Transit is planning the largest U.S. battery-electric bus fleet changing project with a capacity of 4.35 MW, made of 20 150 kW and three 450 kW chargers.

The ChargePilot charging and energy management system was provided to the project by The Mobility House. The system adjusts the charging performance of electric buses according to real-time travel schedules, local utility time-of-use tariffs and peak demand charges, which can save more than 30% in operational charging costs.

“With over 10 percent of the European bus market intelligently controlled by our technology, we are bringing a wealth of best practices and lessons learned in electric fleet charging management to this landmark project in St. Louis,” Greg Hintler, The Mobility House U.S. Managing Director, said in a statement. “Our experience at more than 500 commercial installations around the world and with automotive partners ranging from Audi to Tesla, has illustrated why our open standards-based approach to smart charging management not only optimizes charging costs but also future-proofs operations. As fleets scale their EV operations, it is interoperable systems that will ensure different chargers interface with other on-site systems regardless of vendor.”

The Mobility House has implemented electric fleet charging projects for places like the Oslo airport and Connexxion Schiphol airport in Amsterdam, which features 100 electric buses. St. Louis will benefit from the company’s depot charging infrastructure and overhead management with in-route charging to ensure all Metro Transit buses maintain sufficient state-of-charge to complete scheduled operations. 

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