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GHG Emissions, Industrial  -  April 12, 2021

Analog Devices Commits to Net Zero Emissions by 2050

Semiconductor company Analog Devices, Inc. (ADI) announced on April 12 new commitments that advance the company’s climate strategy, including pledging to achieve carbon neutrality by 2030 and net zero emissions by 2050. As part of its actions, the company will transition to 100% renewable energy across its operations by 2025 and address emissions across the full value chain, including Scope 3, by 2030.

“Climate change poses one of the greatest threats to our society, and this decade will be pivotal in determining our collective success in turning the tide. Limiting global warming to 1.5°C will require a collective global effort – and the time for action is now,” said Vincent Roche, President and CEO of ADI in a statement. “At ADI, we are dedicated to putting our great engineering minds and resources behind this challenge and accelerating our sustainability ambitions with even greater urgency. The commitments we are making today represent bold steps forward in our climate strategy and we will continue to identify new and innovative ways to make meaningful progress against our goals.”

As part of the company’s roadmap towards net zero, ADI has committed to setting targets to be verified by the Science Based Targets initiative (SBTi) and has signed the United Nations’ Business Ambition for 1.5°C pledge.

According to the statement, ADI invests more than $1 billion in research and development each year, and in 2020, announced the industry’s first green bond of $400 million, enabling ADI to continue to invest in innovation that solves the world’s most difficult problems. Going forward, the company will put even greater focus on maximizing the sustainability impact of its technologies and solutions leveraging enhanced measurement and reporting structures.

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