Bougie Bakes Launces Carbon Neutral Delivery - Smart Energy Decisions

Commercial, GHG Emissions  -  July 12, 2021

Bougie Bakes Launces Carbon Neutral Delivery

Los Angeles-based Bougie Bakes, a maker and distributor of healthy snack alternatives, announced the use of a carbon offset algorithm as well as completely sustainable packaging for its e-commerce orders.

According to a statement, Bougie Bakes is one of the only e-commerce brands that offset 100% of their carbon emissions generated from shipping. An algorithm calculates the emissions of each unique order, based on what was ordered and where it is shipping. This initiative comes at no additional cost to customers.

"Sustainability has always been a focus," says Meghan Quinn Co-Founder and Chief Creative Officer at Bougie Bakes. "We spent the last year coming up with a solution to eliminate wasteful packaging while maintaining a beautiful presentation and keeping our bakes fresh."



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