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Sourcing Renewables  -  July 22, 2021

Japan Ramps Up Renewable Energy Target for 2030

The government of Japan released July 21 a new target to have renewable energy account for 26-38% of its national electricity supply by 2030, doubling the 18% that it accounted for by March 2020.

The Japanese industry ministry released this new target amending a previous one to source 22-24% renewables by 2030, Reuters reported. Under the plan, the use of coal will be reduced from 26% to 19%. New fuels like hydrogen and ammonia will account for only 1%. 

The plan has liquefied natural gas making up most of the rest of the energy portfolio, as the country’s nuclear target was left unchanged at 20-22%. Japan has struggled to revive its nuclear industry to its former prominence after the Fukushima disaster in 2011.

Japan’s renewable energy targets are a key strategy in its goal to reduce carbon emissions 46% between 2013 and 2030, which increased from a previous goal of 26%. Nuclear power will remain an important base-load power source, but Japan plans to reduce its dependence on the source in favor of renewable energy sources. 

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