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Commercial, GHG Emissions  -  August 12, 2021

Twisted X Achieves Net-Zero Operations

Twisted X announced Aug. 11 that it has achieved net-zero emissions in its operations and is committing to maintaining carbon neutrality into the future.

The Texas-based footwear company surpassed their original net-zero target, which was set for 2022. Twisted X achieved this goal through the purchase of carbon offset credits that are estimated to offset 3,000 tons of carbon through the American Carbon Registry. The offsets purchased will support a forestry project in Vermont.

“We are proud to officially be a carbon-neutral company after years of hard work and dedication toward creating footwear that is also protecting our planet,” Prasad Reddy, CEO of Twisted X, said in a statement. “We strived to accomplish this, not just to say we did something good, but because we need to help restore our environment.”

The company has pursued sustainability initiatives in other aspects of its operations, such as the use of sustainable alternative materials in its shoes and packaging and reclaiming recycled materials for use in shoe production like upcycled plastic and leather.

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