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Commercial, Demand Management, Energy Efficiency, Industrial  -  March 8, 2016

General Motors, Union Bank earn EPA Energy Star certifications  

Commercial and industrial business leaders Union Bank and General Motors received the U.S. EPA's Energy Star certification for energy efficiency measures taken at several facilities throughout the country. A wide variety of energy saving strategies were employed in order to receive the respected certifications.

Fifty-two Union Bank retail branches throughout California and Washington earned the Energy Star certification. To qualify for the certification, a building must have a score of 75 or higher, indicating that it’s performing in the top 25% compared to similar buildings nationwide.

“We are honored to again be recognized for our company’s dedication to protecting and preserving the environment within the communities that we serve,” Union Bank Vice President and Environmental Specialist Kim Luu said in a news release. “The ENERGY STAR certification designation is a proud achievement and signifies that our branches are among the most energy efficient in the country, and highlights our commitment to sustainable business practices.” 

For its part, General Motors upgraded 11 facilities to an efficiency level worthy of achieving the EPA certification. These buildings, which include seven parts distribution centers, a global headquarters office and three IT innovation office centers, significantly optimized their facilities through a combination of energy-efficient LED lighting installations, heating/cooling system upgrades and renewable energy usage. GM also organized a “Bring Your Green to Work” event where local energy utilities discussed energy-saving ideas for both home and office with employees.

"It makes good business sense to pursue a greener product in every segment of the value chain,” said Al Hildreth, GM’s global energy manager. “This includes the areas that support our business and keep our company running optimally, like our efficient warehouses, IT centers and office buildings.”

GM reportedly leads the automotive industry in certified distribution centers.

Photo credit: General Motors

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