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Commercial, Energy Efficiency, GHG Emissions  -  August 3, 2016

Caesars Entertainment pushes efficiency targets

Caesars Entertainment Corp. is targeting a 30% reduction in emissions by 2020 for every 1,000 square feet of air-conditioned space at the properties it operates, reported Aug. 2, citing the company's most recent corporate sustainability report. 

As part of its CodeGreen environmental program, that target is bumped up to a 40% cut in emissions by 2025. Since 2007, Caesars has slashed emissions by 28.3%, according to the report. 

Additionally, the gaming giant has sliced energy consumption at the properties it operates, which include the Caesars Palace and LINQ resort-casinos in Las Vegas, by 23.4% since 2007. Under the CodeGreen plan, the company is targeting reductions of 30% by 2020 and 40% by 2025. 

"Our progress reflects many years of hard work around energy and carbon management," Eric Dominguez, Caesars' vice president for facilities, engineering and sustainability, was reported as saying. "We continue to evolve our programs, focusing on high-value projects that utilize new technologies to lower energy and water use, reduce operating costs and minimize environmental impact." 

Year over year in 2015, the company managed to trim greenhouse gas emissions per 1,000 square feet by 7.5%, compared to 2014, and cut energy use by 2.8%. Caesars' environmental program has resulted in more than $50 million per year in utility-cost savings, according to the report. 

"In 2015, we set a course to replace every light source with high-efficacy LED bulbs," Dominguez said. 

The company is also making strides in green building, achieving LEED certification for all of its new-build projects and expansions, equating to nearly 1.5 million square feet of construction space since 2009. Moreover, all of the company's global hotels have received 100% Green Key certification. 

"Although we've made progress, we fully understand there's a lot more to do and we're committed to the journey," Dominguez said. 

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