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Energy Efficiency, Industrial  -  August 15, 2016

Eastman sees setbacks on path to 2020 energy goals

Eastman Chemical Co. has improved its energy intensity 8% compared to its 2008 baseline, but still has a tough road to haul toward its 2020 target. 

The Fortune 500 global manufacturing company acknowledged in its 2016 sustainability report that while its continues to show progress toward its goal, its performance in 2015 was "less than satisfactory." Going forward, Eastman said it continues to analyze its data and take corrective actions as needed to meet its goal of a 20% improvement by 2020. 

"As we increase production rates and continue to incorporate acquired sites into our Worldwide Energy Management Program, we know that we face a number of challenges to reach our 2020 goal," the company says in its report. 

Toward that end, Eastman has budgeted more than $11 million per year to energy projects, and said it is continually looking for improvement opportunities, collaborating both internally and externally to drive improvement. 

Still, Eastman's current 8% improvement in energy intensity since 2008 has yielded significant results in the form of cost savings: Using its baseline energy intensity level applied to the current production level at current energy prices, the company estimates it would have spent approximately $25 million more in 2015 on energy if its energy intensity had not changed since 2008.  

Eastman's full 2016 sustainability report is available on its website

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