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Utilities, Commercial, Industrial, Solar, Sourcing Renewables  -  September 6, 2017

Dominion Virginia to expand C&I solar options

As utilities continue to rethink their willingness to work with customers on green power options, Dominion Energy Virginia on Sept. 6 announced a new community solar program focused on business and residential customers and plans to expand its renewable energy offerings more broadly over the next year.

The electric utility subsidiary of Dominion Energy said it is working on a number of programs that will offer solar energy to customers in a number of ways. In early 2018, it plans to file program options with Virginia regulators that include enabling business customers to purchase renewable energy generation equal to a specific portion of their energy use, according to a news release. Other options will include a 100% renewable energy option for residential, commercial and industrial customers and allowance for the purchase of community-based solar generation. 

"While program details are being finalized, we want customers to know that we are working on creative solutions to empower them with the best options to go solar," Paul D. Koonce, president and CEO of Dominion Energy Power Generation, said in a statement. 

The utility said these programs will allow all customers to "go solar" without investing in panels. 

"[F]or businesses, it may be a matter of not having enough rooftop space or not being in a position to make a large capital investment right now," Koonce said. "We have designed a program that will allow these customers to subscribe for some of their energy needs through solar generation."

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