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GHG Emissions, Industrial, Sourcing Renewables  -  November 15, 2017

BMW at 63% renewable energy on path to 100%

BMW's Markus Duesmann speaks at the Sustainable Innovation Forum 2017 at the U.N. Climate Change Conference in Bonn, Germany, on Nov. 14. 

Luxury automaker BMW AG has plans to transition all of its external electric power purchases to renewable energy by 2020, the company's head of procurement reportedly said in a speech Nov. 14 at the United Nations climate conference in Bonn, Germany. 

Bloomberg News reported that piece of Markus Duesmann's speech Nov. 14, noting that meeting the target will mean buying local clean power for all its 31 production sites in 14 countries. 

In a news release announcing the goal, BMW said the share of electricity from renewable sources at the BMW Group was 63% worldwide. The new target, the company said, "takes a significant step closer to its long-term goal of CO2-free production." 

Bloomberg added: 

In practice, BMW will need to find enough extra power from renewables to supply the equivalent of about 220,000 homes, based on its annual electricity use of about 1 terrawatt. To get there, the company will seek more supply deals with solar energy providers, Jury Witschnig, head of sustainability strategy, said in a phone interview Tuesday. These agreements will go as far as BMW working with solar companies to build energy systems at company cites or becoming a cornerstone customer with long-term offtake agreements for future projects, he said.


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