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Commercial, Demand Management, Distributed Energy Resources, Energy Efficiency, Energy Storage, Industrial, Microgrids  -  December 15, 2017

New energy opportunities: Innovations that shape how companies manage energy

This white paper, presented by Schneider Electric, details opportunities for corporations created by the development of new clean energy technologies from wind and solar to energy storage and blockchain. 

As the paper notes, aggressive innovation among energy solutions providers — in response to pressures such as corporate demand and policy changes including the Paris Climate Accord — has accelerated the rollout of disruptive technologies.  Companies have grown increasingly willing to test out new cleantech in order to create operational efficiencies, reduce environmental impacts, and potentially to reduce costs or even generate ROI.

Download the paper below to explore several of these cutting-edge technologies, uncover the benefits and challenges of each, and learn by example from organizations that are already embracing the promising future that these new energy technologies offer.

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