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Energy Efficiency, Energy Procurement, Sourcing Renewables  -  March 23, 2018

H5 Data Centers Expands RE with RECs

H5 Data Centers, a national colocation and wholesale data center provider, on Mar. 23 announced the purchase of RECS to offset 100% of the energy consumption at its Cleveland data center. The RECS include wind, solar, biomass, landfill gas, geothermal and hydroelectricity resources.

In a statement released by the company, Josh Simms, founder and CEO said, "H5 Data Centers continues to make investments across our national footprint to improve the reliability and efficiency of our data centers. The REC purchasing program allows our customers and H5 Data Centers the ability to invest in sustainability initiatives for data centers that have a significant carbon footprint."

The REC purchase expands H5’s renewable energy and sustainability initiatives, which includes a 478-kW solar array at the company’s Denver data center, announced earlier this year. The company statement noted that “the decision to leverage renewable energy alternatives and implement sustainability initiatives comes at a time when demand for data centers nationally is accelerating to support rapidly-growing digital applications.” H5 currently owns 10 data centers nationwide.


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